Getting Started
Typical Steps to Getting Started on a New Home

1. Initial Meeting - Very informal, yet informative meeting where we get to know one another, see if we have the same values and goals which leads to compatibility. Also a time to discuss house needs and wants and review plans and specifications if they have been purchased or completed.

2. Site Visit - Many times this visit and the initial meeting occur at the same time. If you have previously purchased your property, we will discuss house location relative to topography. If you are considering which property to purchase, we will walk all of your choices to determine which one best suits your needs and budget.

3. Plans and Specifications - Should there be no plans and specifications, I can direct you to an appropriate Architect or Designer and work closely with both of you during the creative design process.

4. Rough Estimate - This is commonly referred to as a "ballpark estimate" given as a dollar range to initially verify that your home falls within your planned budget expense.

5. Verbal Commitment - A simple handshake and "I want you to build my/our home" is all that is needed to proceed with the next step...I take you at your word(s). We will discuss financing conditions as well before entering into the time-consuming phase of this process.

6. Detailed Estimate - This estimate can take three to six weeks depending on the size, detail, and complexity of the home and its site.

7. Estimate Discussion - Once the detailed estimate is complete, we will discuss the numbers, what is included, what may not be included, make any necessary changes, and proceed to next step.

8. Contract - You choose between the two types of contracts found on the "CONTRACTS" tab of this website. The contract will be completed for your review and upon acceptance of its terms and conditions, we will sign and date.

9. Financing - Upon execution of the contract, it will be time to secure your financing.

10. Architectural Review Committees - If required and not done previously by the Architect, the appropriate documents will be submitted to the ARB for review and approval.

11. Permitting - The timeliness in obtaining a building permit is influenced by the time it takes to put the required submittal together, the size, detail, and complexity of the home and its site, and the workload at the particular municipality have jurisdiction. Once the permit is secured, we enter the final phase of GETTING STARTED.

Commencement of Construction
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